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Leverage the power of the darcs vcs to handle your projects with ease and confidence and rest assured that we won't track you or sell your data!

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Smederee brings teams together to build solid software!

Code Hosting

Hosted code repositories with fine grained access control including read only access for users without an account.

Issue Tracking

Enjoy powerful and focussed issue tracking and project management which seamlessly integrates with email and mailing lists.

Code Review

Review patches the way it was meant to be by leveraging the power of email without missing out on a web based interface.

Seamless CI/CD

Coming soon...

A smithy in which a smith is working on an anvil.

We help you to craft great tools!

Benefit from our experience with building software for decades and leverage efficient engineering tools to craft your own software. All of your data is protected by the EU GDPR regulation, so what is yours stays yours. No tracking, no third party cookies and no dependencies on external services!

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Software Consulting and Development

Hire our experienced engineers to deliver solutions to your problems. We are used to solving hard problems and working across a multitude of business domains. While bringing in knowledge from our field of expertise we provide mentoring to increase the potential of your teams.

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Public alpha phase

We are currently running the Smederee as a public alpha service. This means that some functionality is incomplete or not yet implemented. Also existing services might be subject to change. Read more details about what to expect while using the Smederee.